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Классненький - Новые Клипы и блогер New Music Video of 2018 to watch and post their work for free. Novelties of music 2018, premieres, songs and the best clips. The Klassnenkiy (Klassnenky) music channel was founded in 2010, during this time the channel gained more than 5 million music lovers on its venues and placed 1500+ musical works of talented authors. The project's mission is to help young and talented artists to promote their musical works, to gain popularity and success, to make their clips seen by thousands and millions of viewers from all over the world. Free accommodation on the channel Klassnenkiy - vk.com/page-23180464_43895642 Смотрите лайкайте и подписывайтесь чтобы быть в курсе всех дел!
Дата 2018-10-17

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