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Игорь Брага Kitai Rulit и блогер Hi everybody! My name is Igor, and this is the best channel packages from China! Videos uploaded every day! Subscribe to Сhannel !!!! On my channel you will find reviews on the branded phones and tablets Chinese, copies of famous brands, watches, clothes, everything that can be bought in China) Just make a separate playlist "How to make money on Youtube". If you are a creative person and want to create their own personal channel, please, all the information in the playlist! Good luck! :) Competitions, shows, and a good mood on the channel China taxis! ************************************************** ************************** Save your money with me! Goods from China! Reviews parcels from China! Surveys of Chinese tablets and phones! Смотрите лайкайте и подписывайтесь чтобы быть в курсе всех дел!
Дата 2018-10-17

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