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Максим Шелков и блогер My name is Maxim. On this channel you will find videos with diagnostics and test before purchasing cars of different brands and models. I will show what the car sold in the secondary market, what problems are hidden from the eyes of the buyer, and how to check this or that car. All videos are filmed on a real car which at the time CHECKS ARE AVAILABLE Services that you can get: - Vehicle Diagnostics before buying. - Complete vehicle check: accident, mileage, air bags, electronics, engine and gearbox. - Examination of the VIN number, VIN and chassis. Checking the authenticity of documents. - Car check on search, arrest, registration restrictions, loans and deposits. - Selection of the car to order. Group VKontakte - http://vk.com/avtokriminalist Website - http://avtokriminalist.ru/ Phone: +7 (495) 774-77-69 Смотрите лайкайте и подписывайтесь чтобы быть в курсе всех дел!
Дата 2018-10-17

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